Increasing leadership effectiveness begins with an honest appraisal of the leader’s strengths, shortcomings and development needs. Schneider Consulting uses a variety of assessment tools to develop an in-depth understanding of each client’s leadership profile. Our assessment provides the foundation for development planning and coaching impact evaluation.

Assessment Tools

  • Self-Assessment

    Most leaders know some of the issues they need/want to address to increase their effectiveness. We always begin our coaching process with a series of challenging questions that evaluate the leader’s self-awareness and current understanding of their leadership performance. Sample questions include, “What is your reputation within the organization?” “What are you doing which is not a good use of your time?” “What are the tough conversations you are avoiding right now?”

  • Leadership Style and Strengths

    A leader’s style is largely determined by his/her personality type and unique strengths. We use instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strengths Finder 2.0 to help leaders understand how they are “wired.” In addition, we use the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal to assist leaders in assessing the current state of their Emotional Intelligence and develop Strategies to enhance their EQ Skills.

  • Multi-Rater & 360° Feedback

    A leader’s self-view is incomplete for guiding targeted development planning. Thus, we assist leaders in soliciting feedback from key stakeholders in their organization. Feedback is gathered from superiors, peers, direct reports, and others via structured interviews and “Best Practice” instruments such as the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI). Schneider Consulting is an Authorized Administrator and Distributor of the LVI.

  • Impact Evaluation

    To measure the progress that leaders make as a result of coaching, we solicit input from key stakeholders using a combination of interviews and mini-surveys. We also challenge the leader to personally solicit on-going feedback from key people.