Where, exactly, are leaders leading? Is it into a future that they have anticipated or one for which they have failed to prepare? To help clients better determine their destiny, Schneider Consulting offers the services of strategic planning facilitation.
Strategic planning is the process by which the leaders of an organization envision its future, then develop strategies to achieve that vision. It is not a matter of clairvoyance or predicting the future, but rather methodical planning to attain “stretch” goals. Strategic planning is building a vision that is achieved by action.

Schneider Consulting helps the leaders of an organization develop a shared vision across the organization. Leaders are encouraged to step back, take stock of their current situation, and then set priorities for their most important initiatives.

Without detailed plans for implementing these initiatives, achievement of the vision is unlikely. Leaders are asked to commit to a disciplined course of action, which includes: setting targets, establishing “ownership”, creating timelines, and identifying resources.

Schneider Consulting also assists leaders in assessing organizational performance. This assessment enables the organization to repeat successes and, if necessary, institute corrective actions. Schneider Consulting believes that following a strategic plan is the most successful way to lead.


Focused Strategic Planning Process

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  • "We have used Schneider Consulting for Organizational Strategic Planning. Greg's facilitation and systematic process have proven highly successful in converting disparate ideas into a cohesive and actionable strategic plan."

    Jeffrey A. Smith, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, Aurora Health Care