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I am a Leader/Professional who...

...has a track record of success and wants to take my professional competence to the "next level". committed to investing the time, thought, energy, and resources necessary to make significant gains in my professional and personal effectiveness. willing to honestly assess where I am now and to develop a clear vision for the type of leader/professional I want to become in the future. willing to solicit feedback from others, to share my development plans with key stakeholders to promote accountability, and to receive support for my growth. willing to examine my basic values and beliefs as a catalyst for making positive changes.
...desires specific plans for my professional and personal development and is willing to engage a support structure to achieve them. open to innovative ideas and to operating in new and different ways to achieve even greater success.
...wants to enhance my usage of time for the achievement of professional and personal goals.
...needs to develop and sustain strong relationships with others to produce results.
...wants to deal more effectively with career and life stress to improve my effectiveness, health, and well-being. generally able to remain optimistic when facing serious challenges. able to work outside my "comfort zone".
...honors commitments made to myself and others.
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