1. What time-frame (3, 5, or 10-year plan) should be considered given the nature of our business?
  2. What is our Mission?
    1. Why do we exist?
    2. What customer/client/patient needs are we attempting to fulfill?
  3. What is our Vision?
    1. What do we want to become?
    2. What assumptions are we making about our future?
    3. Which products/services/ will get more/less emphasis in the future?
    4. Which customers will receive/not receive these products/services?
    5. Which market segments will we pursue/not pursue?
    6. Which geographic markets will we target/not target?
    7. What are the Key Success Indicators (financial, customer, process, and people) that will define our vision and enable our organization to track its progress?
  4. What are our Organization’s Values?
    1. What do we really care about?
    2. What type of culture will be necessary to support the achievement of our vision?
  5. How will we achieve our Vision?
    1. What do we need to do to differentiate ourselves from our competitors?
      What are the strategies and action plans that will enable us to reach our vision?
    2. Do we have the right people to execute these strategies?
      Are we organized appropriately?
    3. Do we have systems in place that will ensure that these strategies are executed?
    4. Do we have sufficient resources to implement the strategies?
      What partnerships or strategic alliances might help us to achieve our vision?

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