Executives are expected to inspire and develop people within their organization. Given the unrelenting demands on leaders, who helps them maintain focus, continue learning and sustain the energy required for organizational success?

As a firm specializing in leadership development, Schneider Consulting devotes considerable resources to executive coaching. With an underlying philosophy that “effective leaders create effective organizations”, Schneider Consulting helps clients achieve both organizational and personal goals.

The approach of Schneider Consulting is to form a partnership with the executive by providing challenge as well as support. Schneider Consulting creates a confidential environment in which the leader can safely “think out loud” to test assumptions and ideas. Honest assessment enables leaders to see their strengths and shortcomings. Using these insights, leaders are assisted in making meaningful changes. In addition, executives gain an understanding of their leadership style and learn new skills to increase their effectiveness.

Executive coaching can help leaders bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. Coaching frees them to think strategically, focus their priorities, and attain a better balance in their lives. At the same time, it prepares leaders for career advancement by helping them develop the competencies required at the next level of leadership. Everyone wins with executive coaching from Schneider Consulting — leaders performing at the top of their game and organizations profiting from their successes.

Executive Coaching Process

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  • "I highly recommend Schneider Consulting to any organization searching for leadership expertise to improve their individual leadership talents or that of their team. Over the past 15 years that I have worked with Greg, I have always found him to have current knowledge of leadership principles and business trends. He has a unique ability to commuicate concepts in ways that make them attainable. I owe a significant portion of my success as a leader to Schneider Consulting."

    Barb Bigler President, ACL Laboratories