Transformational Leaders are experienced managers who recognize that they must lead significant cultural change if they are to attain the next level of organizational performance. They seek assistance in creating a sense of urgency, developing their team, and facilitating a shared vision and strategy. They often want an objective perspective on the tough decisions that need to be made related to people and organizational structure. They appreciate the complexity of the changes required and value an external resource that will challenge them to stay focused on the most important issues.

Recently Hired or Promoted Leaders are excited about the new challenges that they face. However, they often feel overwhelmed by the scope of new learning required to be successful. They benefit by having a “sounding board” to test ideas, a mentor to advise them about new competencies, and a “burr under their saddle” to assist them in concentrating on the most important priorities. These leaders, also, need to be challenged to change behavioral patterns that enabled them to be successful at previous levels of management.

High-Potential Leaders are identified by their organization as keys to the future. In anticipation of new responsibilities the organization invests in their development to accelerate their readiness for assignments of greater scope and impact.

Plateaued Leaders feel stale, stuck, reactive and in need of a “tune-up.” They have been operating successfully for a period of time within their “comfort zone.” These leaders are looking for a partnership to help re-energize themselves and their organization.

Embattled Leaders are experiencing high levels of stress for a variety of reasons. They may not be achieving their goals. They might be having serious conflicts with their boss, their peers, or their team. They could be frustrated by barriers to performance that seem beyond their control. They may be experiencing serious work/life balance issues. These leaders are looking for a resource to help them address the complex problems they face.

Endangered Leaders are experiencing significant performance problems related to achieving results or relating to people. Their future with the organization is seriously “in question.” However, their managers believe that they have the potential to make meaningful changes and are willing to invest in their learning.